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Blue Moon Vintage Ale Collection Proximity Blonde Ale 25 OZ
Sku: 20188
Product Rating
Product Information
Country: United States
Region: Colorado
Type: Beer - Domestic
Reg. $8.99
Buy Blue Moon Vintage Ale Collection Proximity Blonde Ale
Appearance A light golden color with excellent clarity that pours with a thin, delicate, white head. Aroma Assertive aroma of Chardonnay grapes with notes of apples. Taste Notes of Chardonnay grapes lead nicely to a hint of apples and kiwi with a touch of tartness. Mouthfeel Crafted to be dry and slightly fruity, with a smoothness derived from malted white wheat. Finish The flavor of Chardonnay grapes pleasantly fades to a clean finish.

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Technical notes
Malts: White Wheat Hops: Mittelfruh Our Twist: Juice From Chardonnay Grapes IBUs: 2 Original Gravity: 17º Plato ABV: 8.5%

Food pairing
The Chardonnay-grape character of Vintage Blonde Ale pairs well with grilled seafood, chicken, pork, or light salads.

At Blue Moon Brewing Company®, we believe brewing is an art. And it’s been that way since our head brewmaster and founder, Keith Villa, first created Blue Moon® Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale back in 1995 in downtown Denver, Colorado. It all started with Keith’s idea to craft a beer inspired by the flavorful Belgian Wits that he enjoyed while studying brewing in Belgium. He brewed his interpretation using the highest quality ingredients like Valencia orange peel, versus the traditional tart Curaçao orange peel, for a subtle sweetness. Then he added oats and wheat to create a smooth, creamy finish that is inviting to the palate. As a final touch, he garnished the beer with an orange slice to heighten the citrus aroma and taste.

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