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Plomari Ouzo 750ML
Sku: 20092
Ouzo Plomari by Issidoros Arvanitis is the most popular Ouzo in Greece because it is smooth and bursting with flavors and aromas of anise, herbs and sweet spice.
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Country: Greece
Type: Ouzo Imported
Reg. $22.99
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Ouzo Plomari by Issidoros Arvanitis is the most popular Ouzo in Greece because it is smooth and bursting with flavors and aromas of anise, herbs and sweet spice.
Technical notes
84 Proof (42%abv.)

1894 marks the beginning of the big quest of Isidoros Arvanitis, the persistent perfectionist from Plomari, who searches tirelessly to find the ideal materials in order to create the perfect recipe for Ouzo. After many journeys, he will finally find what he was searching for. The great recipe that will offer him the flavor of exactly what he was dreaming of: a flavor blended with tradition, a drink as clear as the waves of the Aegean. Years later, this delicate but also rich flavor, that combines harmoniously the traditional way of distillation with the modern way of life, will be sealed in a traditional bottle with a characteristic cork. Thanks to this valuable balance of flavor, achieved by the finest drinks with a name of origin, the Ouzo of Plomari Isidoros Arvanitis has won the love and preference of the people. Ingredients and Production Process The Ouzo of Plomari Isidoros Arvanitis with its characteristic flavor and particular aroma contains: soft water from springs of the river Sedountas, aniseed from the village of Lisvori, fennel from the north of Evia island, asteroid anis, cinnamon, nutmeg, extracts from the unique gum (masticha) of Chios, several other herbs from the land of Lesvos and salt from the salterns in Kalloni, Lesvos. The proportions of these ingredients are a secret, as is the recipe that Isidoros left us. The distillation process is a real ritual and to large extent is responsible for the creation of the ideal flavor. Each distillation lasts nine hours because as it is characteristically said: ”the longer it takes, the better the distillation”. Distillation begins by boiling the liquid. The resulting steam is driven off and cooled. The condensed liquid is then collected in a large container. Distillation continues in hand made copper distillers, boilers (amvikes), and the only appropriate means of production. The ”head” and ”tail” of distillation - the first and last part of distillation - are discarded and only the main part, which is the best and tastiest, remains. Before the main part is bottled, the extract is diluted with the soft water found at the source of the Sedountas River, in order for the ouzo to attain the desired alcohol content. Finally, Ouzo of Plomari Isidoros Arvanitis is bottled, packaged and stored using the most modern equipment. Thus, with this particular production process and the great recipe of Isidoros, the Ouzo of Plomari Isidoros Arvanitis is distinguished for its traditional flavor and its unique aroma.

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