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Green's Endeavour Dubbel Dark Ale 500ML
Sku: 14772
The dubbel style originated in Belgium, possibly as a ”second style” offered for sale by monastic breweries. Green’s Endeavour Dubbel is the world’s first version of thi ...more
Product Rating
Product Information
Country: England
Type: Beer - Imported
Classification: Gluten-Fre
Style: Dubbel
Reg. $5.99
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In the classic dubbel fashion, a hint of dark-sugarand toffee flavor; and a traditional Belgian yeast bouquet.

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The dubbel style originated in Belgium, possibly as a ”second style” offered for sale by monastic breweries. Green’s Endeavour Dubbel is the world’s first version of this style made with no barley - it is produced from all gluten-free ingredients.
Technical notes
ABV: 7.0% - OG: 1.064 - IBU: 24

Food pairing
Makes a fine aperitif; also great with traditional Italian antipasto, soft cheeses, gluten-free baked goods and Belgian-style ”pomme frites.”

As a Coeliac since 1988 Derek Green had become accustomed to his gluten free diet, but still longed for a nice cool glass of beer. For the Coeliac beer was out of the question, it was one of those products that was on the banned list as it was made from barley and wheat. Compromises could be made with the choice of gluten free food, but when it came to beer there was no such compromise; there was no gluten free beer. So in 2002 having retired from his textile business in Yorkshire, Derek decided he was going to do something about it. So began a long process of discussions, meetings, trials, false hopes, and dead end trails. Breweries did not want to know about production that did not exist and one that could not be quantified. The breakthrough came in late 2003 when he met an eminent Belgian professor of brewing whom by coincidence has a daughter with Coeliac disease and there began a relationship with the mutual goal of providing a gluten and wheat free beer. Trials went better than anticipated and in May 2004 Derek Green launched the UK’s first ever gluten free beer named not surprisingly ‘Discovery’. Derek then tried hard to fulfil his objective of providing choice to the Coeliac. Today Green’s still produce the original Discovery Ale, plus Dry Hopped Lager, both of which are produced with 100% gluten free raw materials. In 2008 the Professor established a means of extracting safely and consistently gluten from conventional beers brewed with malt. This created the opportunity to provide wider choice and Greens Premium Pils and Golden Ale were launched the same year, followed in 2010 by the bottle conditioned beers Dark, Amber and Blond. These beers continue to be brewed by Belgian craft brewers to this day, and they all have European Accreditation to be called ‘gluten free’, meaning a safe beer for Coeliacs, and Quality without Compromise.

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